Frequently Asked Questions

What is You Are What You Don’t?

You Are What You Don’t is a book, to be published early in 2017, that tells the story of seven weird and wonderful experiments in positive constraints.

What are positive constraints?

Yours. They’re free decisions to restrict your own behaviour in some way (not other people’s!).

Habit-killers (and creators). By encouraging unconventional new behaviours, positive constraints tend to target and replace old habits that no longer serve us.

Experiments. They take us all the way back to first principles. Instead of starting by pushing a supermarket trolley, clicking on an EasyJet flight or dipping into our wallets, we can start with a more fundamental question: what’s the new best way for us to secure our food supply, travel abroad or get stuff?

What’s in the book?

Far from focusing on constraints, restrictions or limitations, You Are What You Don’t is about transformation, re-connection and life-changing discovery. The book has seven chapters, each focusing on experiments and discoveries in a new domain:

  • Body No Walking
  • Travel No Aeroplanes
  • Technology No Mobile Phone
  • Shopping No Supermarkets
  • Economics No Money
  • Politics No Borders
  • Mind No Ego

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Where do I sign up?

Here. 🙂