The Author: David Charles

I’m David Charles, a writer. You Are What You Don’t is my first book of what you might call scientifically-inspired memoir, but I’ve been writing for many years in many different domains. Aside from You Are What You Don’t, my two other current major writing projects are:

  • Foiled: a theatre comedy set and staged in a hair salon and co-written with Beth Granville. “The perfect comedy” ***** Paul Vale, The Stage. We are currently adapting the successful stage-show for radio.
  • Cycling Towards Syria: a series of articles reporting on the migrant crisis, told from the saddle of my bicycle as I cycle across the continent. Part one in 2016 covered London to Vienna. Part two will pick up the journey later in 2017.

Going further back in time, I honed my research skills in studies of Egyptology and then Middle Eastern history at the University of London. But the day I handed in my masters thesis, I vowed to leave academia and use my skills to share stories and research that Real People would find both entertaining and useful.

I hope You Are What You Don’t is one of those books.